A Mascot For Life Not Just The Olympics

 Unbeknownst to the organisers, the London 2012 Olympics had three mascots…Wenlock, Mandeville and the floppy-haired, oddly-shaped but strangely cuddly Boris Johnson.  Always good for comedy value, he lifts spirits faster than a drunk on a park bench and gets a gold medal for upper-class twitish-ness and bonhomie.

     But can the Tories really be thinking about him as their next leader?  A mascot is to bring luck, and who can deny the Boris Bounce at the games, but I’d prefer the country to be led by a sound economic brain.

     Actually, Wenlock couldn’t do a worse job than recent governments.  Maybe Boris has a chance after all…

About Kerry Mayo

I have written three novels, I have been published in the Whitstable Women Writers anthology, Place, and the Writers of Whitstable anthology, A Different Kind of Kent, and had one non-fiction book, Whitstable Through Time published by Amberley. I have also had two short films produced and short stories and serials published in national magazines.
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