My Books

Catch, Pull, Push: Mia Macnee has Olympic potential until swim coach, James, takes her away from everything she knows. They become the subject of an international manhunt but when James disappears, Mia has no idea whether he has left her, or been prevented from coming back. Who will find them first? The media, the police? Or her family?  Available on Kindle or as a paperback – please click here



From This Day Forward:  Molly, wife, wannabe-mother, and all-round good girl, can’t have the baby she longs for. Husband Aidan is pushed away as she drinks and socialises to get by. A lapse of judgment at a party has Molly risking everything she holds dear. When she finds out she is pregnant, she must pass the baby off as Aidan’s, or sacrifice her marriage, in order to raise the child she’s always wanted… Available on Kindle or as a paperback – please click here

WTT Cover image

Whitstable Through Time is a photographic record of the changes in the historic, quirky and delightful town of Whitstable. 90 old images are paired with 90 modern-day shots with captions explaining historic and up-to-date detail, capturing the development of the town through the years. Published by Amberley Publishing, copies are available from Amazon – please click here

ADKOK Front cover image

A Different Kind of Kent, An Anthology by the Writers of Whitstable:  A Different Kind of Kent is a collection of short stories about this wonderful county, the Garden of England. I have contributed two short pieces based on Howlett’s Zoo and the imagined lives of two of its inhabitants. Available now on Amazon –  please click here


1158a 1553x2330Place, An Anthology by the Whitstable Women’s Writers: I have contributed to the anthology, Place, with an excerpt from Her Soul To Keep, as well as taking the group’s photo and designing the cover. For copies, at £3 each + p&p, please message me.



Her Soul To Keep:  Kate, unbeknownst to her, has two dead aunts meddling in her life from beyond with opposing views on what is best for her.  The result is darkly humorous, with conflict in the after-life for the aunts and difficult choices in this life for the heroine.  It is a well-woven story of how this life interacts with the next and seeks to answer the question, “Is someone ‘up there’ looking after me?”

Dusting Myself Down: an autobiographical travelogue of my time spent on the road with a black Labrador for company in order to recover from a divorce.  It is a light-hearted look at the path back to life and love which happened to take in Lands End and John O’Groats.


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