Not Our Language Too

BREXIT – the defining question of our age that has us examining our navels at all times of the day or night and not coming up with many right answers – now has me questioning myself at the deepest level. Something I knew to be true now appears not to be…

How to pronounce Brexit!

There’s me merrily going along with my Breck-sit pronunciation, not dreaming for a minute there was any other way to go about it, when I started noticing all the tv and radio presenters are saying Bregg-zit.

Now, I don’t know what a Bregg is, and I want to imagine its zits even less, but seriously…? STOP! It’s bad enough as it is without murdering our language along with our international relations.

About Kerry Mayo

I have written three novels, I have been published in the Whitstable Women Writers anthology, Place, and the Writers of Whitstable anthology, A Different Kind of Kent, and had one non-fiction book, Whitstable Through Time published by Amberley. I have also had two short films produced and short stories and serials published in national magazines.
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