Save As Souls

I had a wonderful day on Saturday attending writing workshops and the SaveAs Writers’ Group Shakespeare Competition Awards Ceremony.

All were held in the Dominican Priory in Canterbury, a 699-year-old building (big birthday next year), and the cathedral bells actually rang throughout a speech on Henry IV.

Then it was the turn of the SaveAs writers to showcase our talents and four of us read pieces of poetry and prose. How pleased I was that I didn’t trip on the way to the stage, or headbutt the microphone, or topple over the lectern. Until I got back to my seat and looked down at my spattered boots which had been decorated by my youngest having an upset stomach seconds before I had to leave the house that morning.

JK Rowling may have written in a cafe but did she ever do a speech in such a state? Somehow, I doubt it.

About Kerry Mayo

I have written three novels, I have been published in the Whitstable Women Writers anthology, Place, and the Writers of Whitstable anthology, A Different Kind of Kent, and had one non-fiction book, Whitstable Through Time published by Amberley. I have also had two short films produced and short stories and serials published in national magazines.
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