The Boy’s All Grown Up!

  My baby boy reached a significant milestone yesterday.  At fourteen months, he finally realised there are chocolate digestives in this world as well as rich tea biscuits.

     And no, it’s not a euphemism.

     He gamely batted away the rich tea finger his older sister was waving under his nose and rummaged deep in the tin for the chocolate digestive he knew was in there.  She wasn’t impressed.

     I think things are about to get tricky.

About Kerry Mayo

I have written three novels, I have been published in the Whitstable Women Writers anthology, Place, and the Writers of Whitstable anthology, A Different Kind of Kent, and had one non-fiction book, Whitstable Through Time published by Amberley. I have also had two short films produced and short stories and serials published in national magazines.
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